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Innovation, advanced dermal science, and biotechnology employed in topical cosmeceutical.

LAURITZ offers the future of effective skin care. Our innovative approach is based on biotechnology as the highest level of topical cosmeceutical. This biotechnology-based topical cosmeceutical philosophy guarantees unique and effective treatments in the skin health and beauty market.

LAURITZ's wide range of products makes our products suitable for all types and needs of the skin, age, and skin problems. Everyone will find a product that meets their expectations.

LAURITZ products do not contain artificial additives or improving agents, petroleum derivatives, irritating detergents, and parabens. A perfect composition of innovative and active substances makes them biocompatible with the needs of the most demanding skin types.

We are driven by our passion for improving skin concerns and by the means we deliver results.

The development of LAURITZ products and treatments has been driven-by clinical research, and in that respect, we are privileged to benefit from the inputs and expertise of our esteemed R&D team. We are powered by innovation and backed by science; our products only contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to benefit the skin. We are dynamically growing and providing products of the highest quality and efficacy.

We developed unique topical technologies, which have transformed the way various skin concerns are managed. Our cosmeceuticals contain the advanced high potent actives complex, for various face and body targeted treatments with visible and long-lasting results from the first application.

Effectiveness of results, targeted treatments, optimal efficacy.

Employing the best innovative dermal topical technologies to produce stable, highly pure, and optimal efficacy is at the heart of what we do. Since our inception, research and development activities have been a core focus of our growth. Over the past years, our biotechnology-based approach has developed unique topical technologies and engineered products of the highest standards. We constantly work on developing future skin care products and treatments.

The high quality of LAURITZ products comes from the constant commitment of our research and development team. One of the biggest challenges in the preparation of futuristic formulations is the use of active ingredients that take advantage of the unique properties of biotechnology, and an engineered delivery system of active ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin to better perform their functions.

We are trailblazers in finding and developing skincare that is on the leading edge of technology.

As leading experts in the field of dermal science, biotechnology, and cosmeceutical, the research, and development team at LAURITZ have developed, and continue to develop a unique skincare product line specially selected to optimize results for targeted treatments, and further enhance skin health.

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